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Hello world...

at last, I'm back to this world again.... fiuuuuh >____________>
so final exams were like hell...... so damn difficult!!!
and practical tests were also difficult... I think I was ruining the lab when I did the Physic (practical) test O___________O
oh well, at least those terrible days are over...

oh yeah....
last Saturday was the announcement of the final exams; whether we pass or not.....
but I couldn't come to school, since the announcement was so sudden... so yeah... just couldn't come...
so I got the letter this morning...

I PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances around* *runs* *jumps* *shouting* *faint*

oh gawd!! now I become senior high school student xDDDDD
today is the happiest day of my life!!

seriously, I really wanna thank to all of the people who support me us and wish that me we will pass the exams and everything... ILY GUYS!!!

Ok, need to work on some art projects for graduation day... -________________-;;


Busy year

Sorry for not updating so looong!!!
It's all because:

1) This year will be my path between heaven or hell! Damn final exams!! Will I pass?? *hopes*
2) My computer teacher, somehow, only have my blogger site. So I'll be updating there more, since that blog will be presenting my computer score *sweats*
3) I am so busy with my projects, presentations, worksheets, and other schoolstuffs
4) Mom doesn't allow me to open 'weird' sites, except for my school projects/presentations and my blogger <3

Ahhh,, I thought I'll be having a nice new year.. But yeah,, once in a while,, have to face this kind of thing...


busy.. DX

It's November already~
I can't wait for december~ 8D
(sorry for the long entry)

That's for december busy schedule...
Next, this month schedule DX

Busy months, yuppp... >A<

Btw,, Kimeru's Junk Beat PV is sooo............CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! 8DDD
OMG!!! SO KAWAII!!!! I just....feel like.......... *faint*
Kime's PV is just getting cuter <3
I also like the song, so upbeat! 8D
Should bring this song to my vocal teacher and study it and sing it and.......8DD *dances around*


Tomorrow I'm going to study the drama >A<
Plus, make sure about the Japan trip on december-january 8DD
maybe only 10 days.....>w<

Oct. 26th, 2007

it's going to be looooooong entry >_<

Ahhh,, it's raining here...
I hate raining.... And I'm scared of raining...
also thunders.... >A<
And now,, I'm sick!
I caught heavy flu and my voice is kinda......heavy O_o *sneez*

P.S. my bro's fine now.. And he's bossing me @_@ damn him! ordering me like that! >A<